. One day I was I was behind a cyclist (who was going very fast); all of a sudden he hit a pothole and fell into a ditch where there was a tangle of trees and brambles. I stopped and quickly put my car indicator lights on, pulling across the road to block the path of any cars that were behind me. I got out to check how he was and he seemed fairly badly hurt and in considerable pain. I called an ambulance and stayed with him chatting absolute rubbish about our family just to keep him from drifting into unconsciousness and to take his mind off the wait and pain. When the ambulance showed up I put his bike (which appeared to be okay) in the back of my car and took his name and telephone number and called his wife to let her know what had happened and where the ambulance were taking him. The next day she came to my house to collect his bike and to tell me that he had broken his collar bone. She had bought me a wonderful bouquet of flowers to say thank you for staying with him and looking after his bike.