While backpacking I went on a day trip to visit Borobudur in Central Java, I was adamant that I would beat the crowds and watch the sunrise from the top of the temple. I caught a mini bus ridiculously early and rushed up the temple stairway. I had timed it perfectly and was about to seek out the best spot to watch the sunrise.

As I walked around the stupas I noticed a group of local teenagers were tailing me, giggling. I then began to hear the sounds of mobile phone cameras clicking and cameras flashing.

I turned around to work out what was going on- I had my own paparazzi!

When I said "hello" some ran away giggling, but the ones who stayed slowly warmed up to me and began to practice their English, asking my name and where I lived. I asked about their villages, school and recommendations for local delicacies. They wanted to hear all about London, tattoos and where I was going next. After a long chat with the group and some more photos (selfies for their Facebook profiles and group snaps for their college work) we parted ways... And I realised that I had missed the entire sunrise!