Steve Moffitt


My mum was probably the kindest person I have known - always thinking of others, very selfless to her friends her family. Often little things - picking up some extra shopping for a neighbour, driving a friend to a doctors appointment, always making a phone call when needed - a significant giver of small gifts and cards - just to say thank you. At work (she worked as a wages clerk in Remploy. She was partially hearing herself) she learned sign language so she could interpret meetings for the Deaf employees. Her last big act of kindness was a few weeks before she died. My brothers boiler had packed in - it was winter in Ireland - he was unemployed at the time and with limited short term prospects - she sent him a cheque straight away. He had central heating and hot water for Christmas. She was always thinking of others - it's lovely to be able to remember this - Happy Mothers Day mum - your kindness is missed.

-Steve Moffitt