Beth Judge


I was with my 2 year old after a long day with grocery shopping at the end. When we arrived home, I was shocked to discover my baby bag with my wallet was not in the car. I called the store, and they quickly went out and scoured the parking lot but to no avail. I spent several hours securing my banking cards and researching how to replace my drivers license, social security card (I know, that is another story), medical license card (I'm a physician), and car keys (had emergency flat set in the wallet). As I headed for bed in a beleaguered state of mind, there was a knock at the door. A very nice woman whom I later learned was Yazari Alvarez, was holding my bag. She said she found it left in a cart and knew what trouble the loss would be to me. She apologized for the late hour returning it and refused to accept any offer of monetary reward. She did allow me to give her a hug!

-Beth Judge