Opening the doors for others every day!

-Our Homeroom!

Today I was in a taxi with a lovely cab driver. We had a really nice chat about a few […]

-Alex Frampton

To change a friend’s gear box oil because I can.

-Paul Vincer

I met a group of people in the high street. They were promoting the idea of “Kindness Calendar” and general […]

-Sue Tooth

As part of the Kindness Challenge Badge our Guide Unit visited the local Phobbies group to tell them all about […]

-Elizabeth Wheeler

40 Guides from 5 different units got together to get to know each other, work together and explore kindness. Half […]

-Margaret Brook

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Found £10 on NYDay 2017. Added a tenner. Bought food to a local food bank.

-A Fernandes

I’m always going to be friendly and say hello.

-Phobe Temple

We change lives though kindness

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I will take time to be mindful everyday. This in turn will allow me to take a step back from […]


I gave a Big Issue seller in Manchester (Monica from Serbia) a pound outside Tesco. More than that, I stood […]

-Lesa Dryburgh