Throughout December around 3000 people will be carrying out random acts of kindness in memory of my 2 year old […]

-Emma Haynes

A flight had been returned to its departure point due to landing conditions, and later flights were delayed and then […]


Our family, including my 20 month old boy, is running (or walking) 5km in Santa costumes for a fundraising event. […]


I am the musical director for the Wall Of Sound Choir and we are singing at a charity Christmas Carol […]

-Sandra Scott

My sister buying surprise train tickets to come and cheer me up after a hard couple of weeks.


I will talk to a homeless person and give them some money


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My Kindness Challenge is to give a donation to a charity or good cause each month. For November I chose […]


Redesign Thames Dragons boat club website so that local people are aware of a new sports to try out.


We change lives though kindness

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On Halloween I took my 6 yr old trick or treating for the first time with a group of friends. […]


My challenge is to give a donation to a good cause each month during 2016. For October, I’ve donated to […]