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Kindness Calendar is an initiative of People United, an arts organisation that believes that art and kindness have a special role to play in making the world a better place.

A flight had been returned to its departure point due to landing conditions, and later flights were delayed and then […]


Found £10 on NYDay 2017. Added a tenner. Bought food to a local food bank.

-A Fernandes

I am the musical director for the Wall Of Sound Choir and we are singing at a charity Christmas Carol […]

-Sandra Scott

Redesign Thames Dragons boat club website so that local people are aware of a new sports to try out.


On Halloween I took my 6 yr old trick or treating for the first time with a group of friends. […]


Our family, including my 20 month old boy, is running (or walking) 5km in Santa costumes for a fundraising event. […]


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I was researching zines on the subject of kindness and came across a blog post from a few years back […]


The Creative Champions love making badges and none more so than Phoenix. The badges were made at weekly Creative Champion […]

-Nova Marshall

We change lives though kindness

Can you help?


The 1st Effingham Guides in Surrey have recently completed People United’s Kindness Challenge Badge. “The Guides were challenged to do […]

-Vicky Leonard

I am going to help others more.

-Lekisha willis

Helped a friend when his car broke down and then gave him a lift to the train station.

-Paul Vincer

If someone is upset I will tell them good stories.

-4th Ramsgate West, Rainbow

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A friend of mine has been feeling low for a while now. I have been trying to think of ways […]


My pledge to kindness is that I am going to make sure that I make someone smile or laugh every […]

-Natasha Luetchford

A very kind taxi driver gave me a very warm welcome to Liverpool and four throat lozenges for my sore […]


It really makes you rethink the way you look at people when you witness what I’ve just seen. There was […]

-Summer Thompson

We change lives though kindness

Can you help?


My son’s girlfriend helped him with his GCSE exam preparation. I really appreciate her doing this and it made a […]

-Grateful Mum