I was walking down in the local park on a lovely sunny day. I kept seeing something glint and glisten at me from an area of overgrown weeds. I went over to see what was shining out from the undergrowth and discovered a camera. It wasn’t just an ordinary camera, it looked very expensive. I picked the camera up to see if it had anything written on it to give me a clue to who the owner might be, but nothing. I decided to take the camera to the local library and asked the lady there if I could place an advert in the village newsletter explaining about the camera.
A few days later a very happy lady came round to collect her camera. She explained that she had been looking after her grandson who had come over from America and he must have thrown it in the bushes. She was so pleased because he had now gone back home and she now had photos of him that she thought she had lost, which she proudly showed me.

A few days later I received a large bouquet of flowers and a lovely thank you note.