In 2014 I had to take 7 months off work after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had lots of hospital visits and treatments throughout this time. Friends and family wanted to know what they could do to help, so I asked them to send me jokes not only to keep my spirits up but also to maintain my sense of humour which was in danger of disappearing. One friend stood out amongst all the many who helped in this task - Roy emailed a joke to me every single day for seven months! Each evening at about 8pm my phone would ping and I knew it would be a joke from Roy. They varied from silly to rude to ridiculous to just weird but what they did was let me know that someone was out there thinking about me, wishing me well and encouraging me to smile through the most difficult time in my life. I'm pleased to report that I am now well and back at work. The jokes have stopped but the memory of that continuous kind act will stay with me forever.
Here are a couple of Roy's jokes to make you smile...or maybe groan...

A man goes into a library and says, “A portion of fish and chips please.”
The librarian says, “Don’t you realise that this is a library?”
“Sorry,” says the man and then whispers quietly, “A portion of fish and chips please.”

A man is being interviewed and is asked, “Where were you born?”
“London,” says the man.”
“Oh yes,” says the interviewer, “Which part?”
“All of me,” says the man.