I was travelling to Derby to see a friend and had to pay to go through the tunnel on the M25. When I got to the pay booth the man waved me through, I looked at him in puzzlement and stated that I hadn’t paid. He smiled and said that the car in front of me had paid for me - I just thought that was the kindest act. I flashed my lights just in case they were looking for my reaction. I smiled all day. On my journey back I got to the booth and I told the man that I wanted to pay for the car behind too. He just nodded. I kept peeking a look in the rear view mirror to see what happened when the car behind went to pay and was waved through, just like I was. I smiled to myself when I saw the puzzlement on the driver’s face. It made me smile all the way home. When I go through those toll’s at Bluewater travelling north, I always pay for the car behind, I hope that this simple act makes a driver smile for the rest of the day