About 18 months ago we moved to a new home.

It isn't far from our previous address but at the time we all felt very sad at the prospect of not being able to see the same smiles every morning on the way to work or the usual stream of locals walking their dogs past our house, always happy to share a story or two with us.

Moving proved to be a very emotional experience but one that showed how much the people around us cared for our family. Not only did we receive lots of visits and support from our previous neighbours but met some new and truly remarkable people who made us feel welcome from the start.

One week after the move, one of them, who turned out to be the strongest woman we have ever met, knocked at our door with a tin of freshly baked biscuits and a huge warm smile.

A small act of kindness but a great way to start a lasting friendship by filling our memories with added loveliness.