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The Creative Champions love making badges and none more so […]

-Nova Marshall

Creative Champion, Simon, volunteered much of his time to bring […]

-Nova Marshall

She bumped into my bike as she crossed the road. […]


I was busy and my mind was constantly thinking about […]

-Samantha Perez-Lumbreras

There is a homeless man, who is also deaf, who […]

-G. Lynn Weida

I gave my friend Alex some of my home-grown organic […]

-Steve Matthews

I will give my time to help set up a […]

-Kathryn Worthington

I am going to give a minimum of £5 to […]


I will organise a regular collection of food for the […]

-Jim Andrews

An older woman who was shopping alone in a wheelchair […]


Yesterday I came home tired from a 12 hour work […]


My son and I are going to write to his […]


Next time I go to buy food shopping, I’m going […]


My friend was giving away a pair of shoes that […]


My daughter, son and myself will aim to volunteer at […]


I will make some special biscuits to take to my […]


My son was playing with his cousins in a park […]

-sarah fox

Whilst I was down at a bird hide in Pegwell […]


In Lidls today I was in the check out queue […]

-Emma Swain

A few of my friends are in their final year […]

-Jodie Marsden

I’m going to sign up to become a Dementia Friend. […]

-Sarah Fox

A couple of days ago I saved two bees who […]

-Chloe Penney

Took a friend to first aid.


I gave my friend my ribbon.


My kindness challenge is to give a donation to a […]


I’m going to start a monthly wedding craft club for […]


Me and my best friend Bella helped a teacher move […]

-A Newington Child

My challenge is to give a donation to charity each […]


I’m going to save a friend from having to shift […]


My boyfriend is finishing his science degree and has so […]

-Klara H

My friend was running and slipped and I helped her […]


I often think it must be relatively easy to make […]


My son’s girlfriend helped him with his GCSE exam preparation. […]

-Grateful Mum

I attended a training day yesterday for fundraisers, and the […]

-Lucy Cox

It really makes you rethink the way you look at […]

-Summer Thompson

I was with my 2 year old after a long […]

-Beth Judge

My kindness challenge is to give a donation to a […]


To support children in the community by running an afternoon […]

-Tracey Vincer

I looked after Sophie when Alfie was being mean.

-Gethin Jones

Shopping for the house and taking some to the surgery. […]


I am going to give up a day of my […]


I’m going to tidy up around the house more.

-Lady Bird

My pledge to kindness is that I am going to […]

-Natasha Luetchford

A friend of mine has been feeling low for a […]


My 2016 challenge is to make a donation to charity […]


My kindness pledge is if someone is upset, I will […]

-4th Ramsgate West, Rainbow

My kindness pledge is if someone is alone at school, […]

-4th Ramsgate West, Brownie

I helped organise and make a cake for a party.

-Tracey Vincer

Helped a friend when his car broke down and then […]

-Paul Vincer

Me and my children take care of an elderly neighbour.

-Tania Willis

I drew a smiley face picture in the kindness tent.


I am going to help others more.

-Lekisha willis

I want to help others – Volunteering, anything to help […]


I wake up my daddy with a kiss on the […]

-Maric Cox

This week I want to go to Faversham and go […]


My challenge is to give a donation to charity each […]


I was taking a cab to a meeting, and I […]


I am going to lead a session at Creative Champions.


I will let my friend score a goal


My kindness pledge is to make people laugh.

-4th Ramsgate West Rainbow

I’m going to make signs for Newington Big Local’s Green […]


I am going to make sure I take more time […]

-Amy Vella

A very kind taxi driver gave me a very warm […]


If someone is upset I will tell them good stories.

-4th Ramsgate West, Rainbow

My challenge is to donate to a charity or good […]


I was researching zines on the subject of kindness and […]


The 1st Effingham Guides in Surrey have recently completed People […]

-Vicky Leonard

Our Rainbows did the Kindness challenge and found lots of […]

-Nicola Stone

On Halloween I took my 6 yr old trick or […]


My challenge is to give a donation to a good […]


Redesign Thames Dragons boat club website so that local people […]


My Kindness Challenge is to give a donation to a […]


My sister buying surprise train tickets to come and cheer […]


I will talk to a homeless person and give them […]


Our family, including my 20 month old boy, is running […]


I am the musical director for the Wall Of Sound […]

-Sandra Scott

A flight had been returned to its departure point due […]


Throughout December around 3000 people will be carrying out random […]

-Emma Haynes

I gave a Big Issue seller in Manchester (Monica from […]

-Lesa Dryburgh

I will take time to be mindful everyday. This in […]


I’m always going to be friendly and say hello.

-Phobe Temple