In the future I want to randomly save people from stuff (including sharks) because I like saving people it makes […]


Me and my friend would like to help someone look after their horse.


As part of doing the Kindness Challenge 1st Eythorne Brownies and Rainbows learnt about Love in a Box for Global […]

-Mary Fagg

As part of the challenge my senior section interviewed guides on their perception of kindness and how they can be […]


2nd Laurencekirk Brownies visited our local care home. They baked for the residents, sang and danced and played games with […]

-Sandra Millar

Opening the doors for others every day!

-Our Homeroom!

Today I was in a taxi with a lovely cab driver. We had a really nice chat about a few […]

-Alex Frampton

To change a friend’s gear box oil because I can.

-Paul Vincer

I met a group of people in the high street. They were promoting the idea of “Kindness Calendar” and general […]

-Sue Tooth

As part of the Kindness Challenge Badge our Guide Unit visited the local Phobbies group to tell them all about […]

-Elizabeth Wheeler