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Kindness Calendar is an initiative of People United, an arts organisation that believes that art and kindness have a special role to play in making the world a better place.


About 18 months ago we moved to a new home. It isn’t far from our previous address but at the […]


In Lidls today I was in the check out queue with my four children and a very full trolley. A […]

-Emma Swain

A friend of mine has been feeling low for a while now. I have been trying to think of ways […]


In 2014 I had to take 7 months off work after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had lots of […]


I was with my 2 year old after a long day with grocery shopping at the end. When we arrived […]

-Beth Judge

A few of my friends are in their final year at university and are struggling with their dissertations, exams and […]

-Jodie Marsden

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A couple of days ago I saved two bees who flew into the bathroom and got a bit lost on […]

-Chloe Penney

There is a homeless man, who is also deaf, who hangs around the grocery store where I shop. The store […]

-G. Lynn Weida

We change lives though kindness

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I believe that we have given our children one of the greatest gifts of all through this People United project […]


I will make some special biscuits to take to my friend and her family for Easter. My friend’s father in […]


My partner donated his new coat to the homeless man, who was wet and miserable at his local tube station.


My son and I are going to write to his grandparents every month as our challenge. This is because they […]


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There’s a homeless guy in my city (one of many, unfortunately), who sells his own poetry in the form of […]

-Samuel Stockley
Natalia Cohen

My challenge is to give a donation to charity each month. This month (May) my chosen cause is the Coxless […]


The championing of kindness and the arts by People United in our school means our children are now much more […]

-Matt dechaine
vera & tyrell abbeyfield

I am going to give up a day of my time to volunteer with older people, hopefully we can do […]


We change lives though kindness

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My kindness challenge is to give a donation to a good cause each month. This month (April) I have donated […]


I will take time to be mindful everyday. This in turn will allow me to take a step back from […]


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I am a choir leader for people with dementia and their carers. I am told on a regular basis how […]

-Rona Topaz

Ever since I left ‘home’ and went to university at the age of 18 my parents have written to me […]


I’m going to make signs for Newington Big Local’s Green Roof Shelter and Newington Community Centre like the one I […]


My granddad is very kind he likes to help other people in different ways. He helps people who are less […]

-Chloe Nash

“Lucky” was a tuk tuk driver who we hired one day to take us to visit Angkor. When we came […]


I’m going to sign up to become a Dementia Friend. My nan had dementia and I have worked with people […]

-Sarah Fox

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We change lives though kindness

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My son was playing with his cousins in a park in Northampton when he slipped in mud. A lot of […]

-sarah fox

I’m relaxing, sweating, writing this on my mobile phone while lying in a magnesium salts bath that my wonderful wife […]

-Andrew Missingham

My mum was probably the kindest person I have known – always thinking of others, very selfless to her friends […]

-Steve Moffitt

I wrote thoughtful notes of gratitude for every member of my family on Thanksgiving.


I was on the buddy bench. I was starting to think no-one would come, because everyone was playing and always […]


Working with People United meant being more than just a solo artist out in the field, but part of a […]

-R.M. Sanchez

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My daughter, son and myself will aim to volunteer at least once a month on a Friday afternoon at a […]


I am going to give a minimum of £5 to a different charity each month starting with People United. I […]


We change lives though kindness

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I will give my time to help set up a charity art exhibition.

-Kathryn Worthington

I’m going to save a friend from having to shift some heavy wooden planters that he has made for the […]


An old lady I know lives alone in Beltinge. At Christmas time we decorated a box with Christmas paper and […]


My daughter saw an old lady wandering around Beltinge and because she felt that the lady was upset and lost […]


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In a previous role I had accepted redundancy, and was working through quite a long notice period. All of my […]


In my local cornershop, I saw a woman come in and ask the shop owner for a pound or two. […]


Community Car wash by Lympe primary School. Washed cars in the communtiy.

-Lympe Primary School

I often think it must be relatively easy to make someone’s day and yet never put it into practise. So […]


We change lives though kindness

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I was on a date at Tower Bridge and we had decided to walk to Soho in London (about a […]

-Michaela Clayton

I’m going to start a monthly wedding craft club for my sister. I’ll gather friends and family at my house […]


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I had just dropped my son at university. He was just saying good-bye when a small dog ran out into […]

-Posie Bogan

While backpacking I went on a day trip to visit Borobudur in Central Java, I was adamant that I would […]


. One day I was I was behind a cyclist (who was going very fast); all of a sudden he […]


A drunken office worker, on his way home from a Christmas party, was weaving along the pavement in Manchester city […]

-Sam Brady

I was travelling to Derby to see a friend and had to pay to go through the tunnel on the […]


Actually this is a really, really unusual thing because sometimes I’ve seen old ladies and old men you know at […]


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We change lives though kindness

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I was walking down in the local park on a lovely sunny day. I kept seeing something glint and glisten […]


This year 2008, I had a very special birthday, which was eighty years old. The evening before I was watching […]

-Mrs M Osborn

A stranger bought me flowers when my son was having a tantrum in Waitrose. She told me I was doing […]

-sarah fox

My mum took in a homeless girl and her sheep dog, helped get her cleaned up and find a home. […]


I just had to write to you about the kindness and support that has been shown to me. Two weeks […]


At the age of six, the excitement of Christmas is almost too much to bear. This is why the actions […]


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My Granddad was in a prisoner of war (POW) camp. They had to endure hard labour, hard labour that you […]


I will organise a regular collection of food for the local food bank.

-Jim Andrews

We change lives though kindness

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